Cold Moon

Once again, a misnomer. Nothing cold about this Christmas’ full moon!

We finished a late dinner and grabbed some chairs to set up in our neighboring field to enjoy the warm night and bright moon. Continue reading

Christmas Day Hike

Decorating sugar cookies, stapling together  red and green paper chains, turning up Bing Crosby’s voice on the radio–I am all about my holiday Christmas traditions, and between those I’ve treasured from childhood and the new ones that I have created with my family, I have quite a few.

Christmas-time was a bit quieter in my husband’s family, but he has brought a few of his own traditions with him, and one of them in particular I have fallen in love with: the Christmas Day hike. Continue reading

[North] Carolina Snailseeds

“Startled, how that place–my here for so long–had turned overnight to there.”

–Christine Byl

I am no stranger to moving by now, many of the moves interstate, and yet I still have this disorienting feeling and a sense of wonder at suddenly finding myself in a new place and faced with putting down new roots. At the same time I am excited by the new opportunities to explore and discover a new area. Continue reading